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Social Sign-In
2-Factor Auth
Email verification
Fraud protection
User management
Stripe integration
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const instaSignup = new InstaSignup('your-api-key');

//check current user's auth (demo)
instaSignup.auth().then(user => alert(user));

//show login or signup popup (demo)
instaSignup.login().then(user => alert(user));

//show a file upload popup (demo)
instaSignup.upload().then(urls => alert(urls));

//send an email to current user (demo)'sub', 'body').then(sent => alert(sent));

//make purchase with Stripe checkout (demo)'stripe-plan').then(info => alert(info));


Salient Features

| Social Sign In

2 out of 3 users prefer to sign in socially than filling out long forms. With InstaSignup your users can sign up (or sign in) instantly with Facebook, Google, Twitter or 50 other providers.

| User verification

InstaSignup handles email verification and password reset emails for you. Customize email template text using our WYSIWYG editor.

| Secure by design

Secure password hashing, 100% network encryption and customizable password complexity rules ensure your user's data is always safe.


| Fraud prevention

You can rejects email signups from blacklisted IP addresses and disposable domains like Mailinator, 10MinuteMail, etc in 1 click.

| Two factor auth

Provide users with an additional phone based authentication for extra security. Support for Google authenticator is coming soon!

| Free plans

Free plans for indie hackers, paid plans for small and large businesses. Special launch promotion gives you big discounts on yearly purchases!

List of Features

Basic user auth (signup / login)

Let's start with a simple Todo app with basic user auth. Whenever the user clicks the "Save" button we will use InstaSignup to authenticate (or register) the user before sending the data to our server.

Doing it is as simple as calling the auth() function of InstaSignup. This checks if the user is authenticated or not. If not it shows her a signup / login page (modal box).

The function then returns the user's data back to your app.

Code for todo app
Getting user data

Upon successful authentication, InstaSignup returns the user data.

This data includes information that the user filled up during signup like name, email, phone number, etc.

In addition it also contains some other information like IP address, signup date, country, currency, timezone (automatically calculated using geo-location), photo_url (gravatar), verification status, etc to help you customize for best user experience.

Code for todo app
Verification, Password assistance and more

In addition to authentication, InstaSignup can also handle all user account related tasks like email / phone verification, password assistance, and profile updates.

There is also a built-in contact form using which your user's can send emails to you if they have any queries.

Code for todo app
Sending emails to user

You can also send transactional emails to your users directly using InstaSignup.

So for example in our Todo app, let's say you want to email the user that their todo list has been successfully saved. Doing it is as simple as calling the email(subject, body) function of Instasignup.

Code for todo app
User subscriptions (Stripe integration)

Stripe integrations allows you to create (or check) user's subscriptions.

In our Todo app let's create some features only for Pro users and some features only for Enterprise users. To do that create two products in your Stripe dashboard named Pro and Enterprise.

To check if the user is subscribed just call the subscriptions() function of InstaSignup. It will return the subscription status of the user with all subscription details.

To create new subscriptions, just call the buy(product_name) function of InstaSignup. It can also be used to upgrade users too (e.g. from Pro to Enterprise)

Code for todo app
Server side authentication

In our todo app when the user saves the project, we must also authenticate the user on the server before writing any data.

For server side authentication, InstaSignup sets a JWT cookie containing the user data and signs it with your secret key.

To authenticate the user just verify the cookie using your secret key (easy to do in all languages including python, php, node, etc)

Code for todo app


As a solopreneur I love making new products. InstaSignup's ready made login system has helped me cut down launch time by half. I can't believe I wasted so much time and energy trying to do it own my own before.

Brian Garvin

InstaSignup saves us a lot of time and money. We've usually had to outsource all this before but don't need to anymore because the integration is super simple. It's been a big help for our business.

Brenda Campbell
Co-Founder, Triovia.

Additional features

Two factor authentication (2FA)

In just a single click you can enable two factor authentication for user logins (requires Twilio integration).

You can make it mandatory or your users can opt-in to enable it from their user profile.

Google authenticator support is also coming soon (beta)

Code for todo app
Social Sign in

2 out of 3 users prefer to sign in socially than filling out long forms. With InstaLogin your users can sign in (or sign up) with Facebook, Google or Twitter.

Instalogin supports more than 50 providers including Github, and Linked.

Code for todo app
Fraud protection

Prevent registrations from throwaway email addresses like mailinator, 10minutemail, etc with a single click!

Enabling fraud protection also disables signups from known blacklisted IP addresses (updated everyday)

Code for todo app
User activity scanning

InstaSignup makes it possible for you to review user actions and automatically flags possible suspicious activities like multiple signups from same IP address, simultaneous logins from different locations, multiple failed sign in attempts, access from blacklisted IPs (unless disabled) and more!

This way you can protect your site from harm before anything bad actually happens.

Code for todo app
InstaSignup API

Configure the Instant notification URL to get real-time notifications about new user signups, logins, purchases, etc.

Manage / import / export users from your own website admin with our REST API.

Code for todo app
Alternative logins & Custom fields

Enable sign in with username, or phone number in addition to email login as per your site requirements.

Add custom input fields for your users to fill during signup and profile updates.

Code for todo app
Branding and Customization

InstaSignup offers many themes and customization options to match your site.

Upload your own logo, customize the forms and change the color scheme without any coding!

Code for todo app

Pricing Simple prices - no surprises.

Indie Hacker


Free Plan
  • Email Sign in
  • Social Sign in
  • Email verification
  • 1,000 active users
  • Fraud protection
  • Logo & branding
  • Two factor auth (phone/sms)
  • Send emails to users
  • Stripe Integration
  • Customizable themes
  • User activity scanning
  • Alternative login & Custom fields
  • INU & API Access


Why should I use InstaSignup authentication instead of my own?

InstaSignup is designed with one thing in mind: To keep your site and user's data secure. Authentication may sound like a simple thing but it is not. There are a hundred different moving parts that go in making the system secure.

From picking the best algorithm to securely hash user passwords (we use bcrypt with random salts), encrypting the data while at rest (we use 256-bit AES-XTS full-disk encryption), protection against CSRF attacks, throttling requests, request scanning for possible suspicious activities like multiple signups from same IP address, simultaneous login from different locations, multiple failed sign in attempts, access from blacklisted IPs (updated daily) and disposable email addresses (50+ domains), encrypting all network communication by forcing HTTPS on all connections, so data in-transit is encrypted with TLS, preventing against DDOS attacks, hosting all servers in the US and dozens of other measures.

We also have automatic and manual systems for scanning network traffic and detecting any breaches.

Implementing all this on your own would require months of development and testing. You may also need additional staff to monitor your systems for suspicious activities and regularly conducting external penetration tests (like we do for your data).

Can I import / export user data?

Yes this option is available in your member's area (under site's users). You can export all user data except password (which is hashed anyway). When you import new users we will send them a verification email for account verification.

Users with InstaSignup API access can manage / import / export users using InstaSignup API also.

What is your refund policy??

There is an unlimited free trial which does not require any credit card. So please try it before buying. We also offer a 30 day no questions asked money back guarantee on all purchases.

What do you mean by active users?

It is the number of users who were active (login or signup) at least once in the past 30 days. This restriction is only for free accounts during which we assume you're testing the system or using it a for a small app for which this limit should be more than enough.

Can I use username instead of email to login?

Yes advanced plan users have the option to Alternative login methods like username and phone login.

What kind of user data can I collect during signup?

By default InstaSignup only requires the user to enter her name and email. But you can add additional fields like phone, username, address, etc. Advanced users have an option to add custom fields which means you can collect any information as you want during signup or profile updates.

How do I manage the users of my site?

You can do it from your InstaSignup member's area (click the "Users" button). You can add / disable / delete existing users. You can also "Sign in as.." as a user for testing. You can also view user's activity log like last login, failed logins, etc for each user.

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